God made people in His image to help oversee His creation. He wants people to manage the world. (Gen 1:26-30) He gives humankind the authority to cultivate and develop earth, to use it to meet their needs, to expose its natural wonders and to cooperate with its natural laws. Your job can help in the church can help you accomplish His purposes when you use your God-given talents, skills and opportunities. God wants you to bring Him glory by using the gifts if you are working in the church it is indeed a ministry, and should be done with character and done unto the Lord. We will continually share the love of Christ while performing his awesome work. 




Bible Study (Wednesday Nights, all ages) Brotherhood Department 

 Christian Women’s Council - Destiny Diamonds (Praise Dancing)

 New Destiny Sanctuary Choir -  New Generation Steppers 

 Pastor’s Aide Committee -  Prison Ministry 

 Singles Ministry - Couples Ministry

S.W.A.T (Students With A Testimony)  - Sunday School Department 

Sunshine Band    -  Usher Board

 Ways and Means Committee - Hospitality Ministry

Transportation Ministry